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A place catering to big events, where official meetings, birthday parties, kitty parties, etc takes place. Make your day more special by booking our banquet, further making it more memorable. The banquet is the perfect place to gather, have plenty of food. From Boardroom to Conference hall, Club hall etc. We have enough luxurious options to turn your gathering into a perfect event.

Type of Banquet Size Seating
Board Room 640 sq. ft. 30 people
Conference Hall 960 sq. ft. 75 people
Club Hall 1690 sq. ft. 150 people
Mini Lawn 3500 sq.ft. 75 people
Stage Lawn 28000 sq. ft. 500 people

A Glorious Banquet at Crescent Resort and Club to make Limitless Memories and satisfy the craving with Delicious Buffet. We make every event a big celebration.