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Good Food is fuel for the Soul.

Crescent Club and Resort delivers a high-quality meal with a scrumptious taste. The subtle ambiance gives an ultimate dining experience and offers its diners an excellent service. The nourishment of our soul lies in feeding others and help us in emerging as a unique dining restaurant. We’ve given a sophisticated decor to make the feast more comfortable. Our executive chefs strive to satisfy your taste buds with savory and sweet tastes from all over the world.


Crescent Resort and Club brings a perfect dining space to give a nothing like before experience. Good Food brings people together and is the basis of True Happiness and Happy Mood.

Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

The Multi-cuisine Restaurant, with dishes from different countries, gives your appetite a whole new delicious adventure. The elegant atmosphere makes your meal more tempting. The perfect place to satisfy your craving with high-grade quality. Our experienced staff serves you with more exclusivity.

Coffee Shop

A classic place which brings people together. The place where we serve our guests exceptional coffee with purity and compassion. Coffee is something which regenerates mind and body and gives a refreshing feel. You don’t have to make a reservation, just come and enjoy your coffee and have a lovely time.